Training and Facilitation

Bespoke training and facilitation solutions from Catalyst PLD

Training and Facilitation

We offer tailor-made leadership development programs that meet the immediate needs of your business and people.  Contact us to see how we can help your organisation deliver your training requirements across coaching, management development, leadership development, customer service and team.  A collection of some of our programs include:

The Coaching Habit – An introduction to help develop coaching skills as an everyday habit whether you require executive coaching, business coaching or performance coaching training.

Good intentions aren’t enough. As a business manager, director or leader you know the value of developing coaching skills. Coaching increases focus and capacity, reduces overwhelming workloads and dependency on you as a manager and drives both engagement and impact. Time-stretched managers and business leaders with the best of intentions, resort to a telling them rather than asking them management approach or proceed to solve the problem for them rather than helping their employees figure it out themselves. That approach perpetuates bottlenecks, fire-fighting and managers with just too heavy a workload on their plate. We need to help managers and leaders change their behaviour so that coaching becomes a habit – a regular and useful part of their management repertoire.

The Last Feedback Workshop You’ll Ever Need – What if having those tough conversations was just a whole lot less – tough? Learn how to provide empathetic employee feedback on a day-to-day basis that will increase engagement levels, improve productivity and make the whole employee review process far less stressful on everyone involved.

Managing Emotions – Your organisation is busy and constantly striving to service the needs of your clients as best and timely as possible.  This creates stress and with stress emotions can overtake. We do and say things that we regret, relationships are fractured and productivity diminishes.  Learn the science behind how emotions and emotional intelligence work and what can be done to manage them effectively.

Effective Leadership – A program that highlights and develops core leadership skills for your fast track high potentials, or those as part of a succession plan.  If you fancy a head start on getting ahead and engaging others, this is the leadership development program is for you.

Managing Change – Every business and organisation goes through change, some more than others.  The constant is that in the midst of it chaos ensues as a bi-product.  This can leave people disengaged and lacking direction of what to do and how to improve their situation.  Our managing change training program works with individuals on sharing the change process and planning effectively to steer positively through it.

Influencing and Persuading – Learn the seven techniques to influencing and persuading effectively, sometimes it doesn’t just come down to a good pitch.

Effective Presenting Skills – All you need to know about making an effective pitch or presentation. We cover the fundamentals of body language, how we are being with our audience and structuring the message for clarity and positive impact.

Motivating and Communicating Effectively – Understand the four dominant communication styles, how to recognise and implement them in order to get the best from others, whether they are your leaders, managers, employees or colleagues

Belbin Team Roles – Are you looking to identify the key skills and roles that individuals bring to your team? Our Belbin team roles workshop is an engaging training program that reveals individual contribution to the team and how to work even better together. Belbin team roles identify nine different behaviour types that individuals display when working as part of a team in a working environment. Understanding an individuals key strengths help businesses and organisation develop effective teams based a range of different peoples strengths.

Catalyst PLD provide performance coaching, executive coaching, team and leadership development training to organisations and individuals across the UK, including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol and Cambridge.

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