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Team building events & courses - Building the success and results of your team

Visioning for success : team development diagram - Perspectives, individual buy in, experiential learning, Fun.Team Development Programme

There is no ‘i’ in ‘team’, however it is all about the individuals that make up that team.

To what extent do they apply equal effort to team objectives? What are the relationship dynamics that exist, are they fruitful or restrictive?

For new or established teams we have created a powerful and fun learning environment for our team development programme – sailing on the Solent.

Whether you are looking for a team building event, strategic workshop or training course around the 3 P’s (people, products and performance), we can help through building the success and results of your team through visioning, strategic planning and goal setting.

Our team development programmes are designed around your key objectives and agenda, we create bespoke team building workshops that are fun, memorable, packed with learning and deliver lasting results.

Catalyst PLD provide team building exercises and events, team coaching and training to businesses all over the UK. As we are located in Essex we are especially well positioned for companies in the South-East, Cambridge and London areas that are looking to develop their teams to improve their business performance.

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