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Coaching in 10 minutes for the time-strapped manager

managers as coach - coaching training for managersCOACHING FOR GREAT WORK

The 10 minute coaching solution for the time-strapped manager.  Empowering managers to coach with quick, highly practical and usable coaching skills to raise performance and keep their people engaged.

STOP PRESS – Typical coach training isn’t working in many organisations!:

  • Your business managers, business leaders and directors want to coach their teams and staff more – but they’re overwhelmed. Their daily routines have too many strategic priorities, too many meetings to attend, too much email, rising expectations and the complications of getting a team to be more than the sum of its parts. This can become very stressful and under stress like this, old management habits die hard.
  • It’s proving difficult to scale a consistent quality of coaching skills across your organisation and when managers think they are coaching they are invariably mentoring and giving all the answers.
  • All businesses have the same glaring perceptions when it comes to coaching, employee training and leadership development programs – ‘I don’t have time’ and/or ‘it’s too difficult to do’.

Bottom line? “Do more coaching” is easy in theory but difficult in practice for the time-stretched manager. A recent study found that, even with managers trained in coaching skills, less than 25% of people receiving coaching said it was having a significant impact on either performance or satisfaction.

Those are shocking statistics. And unlike every other coach program for managers we’ve seen, Coaching for Great Work was built from scratch to tackle head-on the barriers that stop managers coaching more.

Catalyst Coaching : Coaching for great workA NEW APPROACH THAT WORKS…COACHING FOR GREAT WORK

Coaching for Great Work is a simple, practical approach for the time-stretched manager.  It solves the challenge of why coaching in organisations isn’t working as well as it should. This comprehensive coaching program gives managers, executives and leaders the skills and capacity to provide focused, results-based coaching in ten minutes or less, whether it’s over lunch, at the water cooler or in a more formal meeting. It builds focus, expands possibilities and creates accountability, all to help drive engagement and increase employee impact.

It’s rooted in real-world managerial challenges and tied to strategic objectives, so it has context and relevance. The coaching skills program hones in on simple everyday processes. Your leaders will discover three key coaching moments that are doable by all managers, not just those who are more people-oriented and our coaching skills program understands that all managers are too busy and shows how they can coach in ten minutes or less.


■  Focus their team and themselves on what really matters
■  Engage and keep people excited and motivated
■  Be able to conduct those difficult conversations they’ve been avoiding.
■  Create bigger thinking and fresh ideas.
■  Manage the overwhelm.
■  Develop a team that can become more self-sufficient.


You know that “flash flood” of training rarely creates behaviour change. As well as the coaching program materials (specifically designed to avoid the fate of “filed & forgotten”), managers get comprehensive 120 day post-program support to provide “drip irrigation” after the workshop. It includes an e-course, video tutorials and the GRAFT Accountability System to ensure the coaching skills stick. Give your time-strapped managers and leaders a practical next-day ready coaching tool!

How is this different to a standard, theory-heavy program?

It’s fun, quick, practical and light, taking away all the heavy theory and complexity to coaching, it’s about following a simple structure and asking the right questions…Watch our 3 minute video above on the Great Work that this coaching delivers.

COACHING TRAINING LIKE NO ONE ELSE DOES IT, here’s how we’re different:

  • We give busy managers the tools, competence and confidence to have effective coaching conversations in 10 minutes or less (as we know, the exec coaching format doesn’t work well with busy managers).
  • We base our coaching training for managers around 3 key principles – Be lazy (stop jumping in and directing), Be curious (ask more, tell less), Be brief and often (if you can’t have a coaching conversation in 10 minutes, then you haven’t got time to coach).
  • We implement our unique H3 formula that engages even the most seasoned manager – Head (the neuroscience of engagement), Heart (what’s in it for me?), Habit building (and letting go of those old habits).
  • The program is light on theory and heavy on demonstration and practice, highly experiential to build next day usable coaching skills.
  • Every facilitator is an experienced and trained coach in order to deliver and demonstrate in a highly engaging and memorable way.
  • Every participant receives lifetime access to our online ‘Boost’ portal, supporting and embedding participant learning well beyond the initial workshop.

Contact UsTo learn more about how the Coaching for Great Work program can raise the performance of your Managers call us on +44 (0)788 691 6871 or enquire online.

Catalyst PLD are a business coaching, leadership training and team development consultancy based in Essex. We provide training to managers, executives and directors throughout the UK to become better coaches and be more coach-like in their day to day role. We work with clients all over the UK including London, Essex, Cambridge, Birmingham and Manchester.

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