Happy New Year! Workplace trends coming in 2016…

Insight into workplace trends for 2016...

Happy new year to you and all of us at Catalyst wish you a very prosperous 2016!

So what’s in store ahead when it comes to workplace trends in 2016? Well, the man to answer that is Dan Schawbel (he’s a futurist) who has written about exactly this topic recently in Forbes magazine. I thought I would share some of the interesting highlights that might just be relevant for both the UK and US.

This year, 3.6 million baby boomers are set to retire leaving quite a gap of talent and experience that needs to be filled pretty pronto. The new guard are the Millenials, many of whom will imminently become workplace managers, meaning succession planning and next generation leadership development should be high on one’s agenda and priority list. As we know, all too often, someone with great technical expertise being promoted to a leadership role, can bring about some big surprises and frustrations on both sides of the equation. Frustration can be minimised and engagement maximised with just a little bit of time and investment, reaping huge long term benefits. Look at your succession talent, if they haven’t been introduced to the world of leadership yet, get it done, give them the tools and insight to make people feel safe, valued and engaged, delivering greater productivity, loyalty and results all round.

Office design might need to be taken more seriously in order to attract the best talent (whilst keeping the current of course), as well as encouraging greater collaboration and productive environments. The ‘open plan’ might not be lasting long in favour of ‘multi-facet’ spaces in order to give employees options, stimulation and a sense of choice.

Workplace flexibility is going to be a regular demand and topic of conversation. The rise of technology, co-working spaces and globalisation gives the opportunity for greater flexibility and the request will be forthcoming.

And of course we welcome in Generation Z, woohoo! This will be a workforce even more entrepreneurial, loyal and flexible, with a definite appetite for career growth and work:life balance over salary in selecting companies to work for. As the new generation, they will be seeking mentors and leadership where they feel safe to innovate and explore, understood and supported (not just expected to get on with it), as ever that fine balance between educating and coaching, meeting the individual where they are at.

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