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Leadership Development & Emotional IntelligenceTraining

“What distinguishes great leaders from merely good ones?  It’s not toughness, vision or industry smarts.  It’s their Emotional Intelligence – a potent combination of self management and relationship skills.”  Harvard  Business Review Sept 2008.

EQ & I - Emotional Intelligence EI is about how we are 'being' as a leaderEmotional Intelligence (EI) is about how we are ‘being’ as a leader, it is not about IQ or how high our ‘cognitive’ intelligence scores might be.  EI is about our capacity for everyday skills in understanding ourselves and others, developing effective and engaging relationships, our approach to problem solving and how we manage stress.

At Catalyst we specialise in profiling and developing the key competencies of Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i):

  • self awareness
  • assertiveness and independence
  • empathy and interpersonal relationships
  • adaptability and problem solving
  • stress management and general mood.

If you or your business requires leadership development, leadership skills training or leadership coaching for your executives, directors or managers, Catalyst can provide effective training programmes that will deliver leaders who can communicate and deliver results effectively. EQi is an emotional intelligence assesment that we can run for your organisation, practice or company that looks at decision making, self expression, interpersonal relationship skills, self-perception and stress management.

Contact UsTo learn more about how our Leadership and Emotional Intelligence programme and assesment can help improve the leadership performance of your people call us on +44 (0)788 691 6871 or enquire online.

Catalyst PLD is a professional experienced performance, coaching and leadership development consultancy, training people and business all over the UK. We are located in Essex and work with many clients throughout the southeast including Essex, Cambridgeshire and London. Using Emotional Intelligence (EI) and EQ-i, we can tailor leadership development programmes to get the best performance out of people and deliver great leaders and improvements to the businesses bottom line.

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