The Great Work Kickstart – Unleash Your Work That Has Real Impact!

A no nonsense two hours of self-management skills training for employees

Great Work Kickstart - training to manage overwhelmTHERE ARE JUST THREE TYPES OF WORK…

Here’s a simple but powerful way at looking at the work you do, or the work that your employees do. Everything falls into one of three buckets:

                    • Bad Work: the bureaucratic waste of time. Bad meetings, processes and paperwork.
                    • Good Work: your job description and the bulk of your everday work. it keeps the wheels turning.
                    • Great Work: the work that makes a difference, has an impact, and creates meaning. The work that helps individuals grow and organisations flourish.

These days we’re all overwhelmed, just trying to stay on top of the good work that keeps coming at us.

But what if the people in your team and organisation had the focus, courage and resilience to do more Great Work…and less of all the other stuff?



Based on ‘Do More Great Work’, the best-selling management book by Michael Bungay Stanier, the “Great Work Kickstart” training program can help turn the tide. The program is designed to give employees the self-management skills training and tools they need to increase their impact, their personal effectiveness and their level of engagement.

Each training program session is customised for individual clients, while helping your staff, employees and people support the business goals and have the same objective. This is done while they find, start and self-manage their own Great Work skills.

By the end of the program participants will:

  • Understand the differences between what is Good Work and what is Great Work
  • Discover the sources of Great Work (and learn which is the only one you can control)
  • Employees will learn their self-management skills
  • Understand where to find the seeds to seek out your own Great Work (there are at least two places to look)
  • Learn how to align your Great Work Project with your businesses / organisational needs and how best to balance competing responsibilities
  • See why companies such as Google use projects as a key way of staying focused on Great Work and practice using the Great Work Project template
  • Share strategies to balance your competing responsibilities.

Employees, managers, directors and leaders will leave our training programmes with a Great Work Project Plan. This plan will contribute to the organisations strategic goals while increasing the individuals own sense of purpose and engagement and provide them with the skills to self-manage.


If you’d like your people to better manage the overwhelm and focus on the work that matters, this programme can help.

  • The Great Work training program is customisable as a two hour, half or full day session
  • Available for up to 200 participants
  • Catalyst support this training with a 30 day follow on programme to keep the programmes participants engaged
  • Designed for all levels of people, employees, managers, deirectors and leaders.
  • An ideal complement to a conference or off-site.

“This hits just the right balance of stimulus, depth, practicality and entertainment. Already many of the ideas are in the language across British Gas and we are starting to see some real results”. Laura Walker, Head of Training, British Gas.

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